Carrboro Streets

Connector Roads Policy

Carrboro 2005 Mobility Report Card

Parking Downtown

Downtown Parking Map

Carrboro Parking Plan

Parking Study. In 2008, students from UNC Chapel Hill's Department of City and Regional Planning did a study of Carrboro's downtown parking.

Carpooling, Carsharing, and Vanpooling

All three options for sharing rides--carpooling, carsharing, and vanpooling--are available in the Triangle. Learn more at GoTriangle's Rideshare page.

Alternative Fuels and Alternative Transportation

The Town is a member of the Triangle Clean Cities Coalition.

The U.S. Department of Energy offers tools to help you drive smarter, use less petroleum, and reduce emissions. U.S. Department of Energy -- Clean Cities: Alternative Fuels and Advanced Vehicles.

The North Carolina Department of Transportation also offers resources for driving smarter: Drive Green, Save Green.

The North Carolina Clean Energy Technology Center has a Clean Transportation program, working to increase the use of alternative fuels and advanced transportation technologies.

Traffic Calming

Many residents approach the town with concerns about speeding in neighborhoods. The Residential Traffic Management Plan represents a commitment by the Town of Carrboro to promote the safety and liveablility of residential neighborhoods. The Residential Traffic Management Plan provides a process for identifying and addressing existing problems related to speeding, excessive volumes, and safety on town-maintained residential streets. Actions taken are based on this policy.

Traffic Calming Request Form