“Carrboro will be a place that is bicycle-friendly; where people have an accessible, safe, and convenient option of bicycling for transportation, recreation, and health; where bicycle lanes and greenways provide a connected system within and outside the Town; where future development provides access and facilities for bicyclists; where bicycle transportation is the easy choice; and where proposed policies and programs educate, inspire, and encourage residents and enforce safe bicyclist and motorist behavior.”

--Vision from the Comprehensive Bicycle Transportation Plan, adopted by the Board of Aldermen, March 24, 2009

Bicycle Friendly Community

Carrboro is a Silver-level Bicycle Friendly Community.

In September 2010, the League of American Bicyclists named the Town of Carrboro a Bicycle Friendly Community at the “Silver” level. Carrboro joined 27 other cities and towns in the country recognized by the League at the Silver level.

In Novembef 2019, the Town of Carrboro was re-certified as a Silver Level Bicycle Friendly Community, continuing to be part of only 102 communities across the nation to receive this designation.

Bike Maps

Bikeways Web Map

This mobile map includes bike routes and bike facilities in Carrboro, Chapel Hill, and Orange County.

Carrboro Bikeways PDF

Printable map of Carrboro Bike Facilities

Chapel Hill & Carrboro Bicycle & Greenways Map

This map, produced by the Town of Chapel Hill, shows bikeways in Chapel Hill and Carrboro.

Orange County Bicycling Map

This map, produced by the NCDOT Bike-Ped Division and Orange County Planning Department, shows several bike routes suitable for day rides, from 25 miles to 83 miles, reaching all municipalities and all parts of the county. These rides are included in the bikeways web map.

North Carolina Bike Maps

NCDOT Division of Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation. Both U.S. Bike Route 1, which goes from Maine to Florida, and NC Bike Route 2, the Mountains-to-Sea Trail, go through the center of Carrboro. This website features information on these and other regional, state, and national bike routes.