Financial Assistance Program

The Financial Assistance Program (FAP) is available for families and individuals who live in Orange County and desire to participate, but are unable to pay fees for classes and activities offered by the Recreation, Parks, & Cultural Resources Department.

Each family or individual must meet the eligibility guidelines in order to receive a full fee or reduction membership (25% of the program cost). Complete and submit the application along with the appropriate documentation of income. All families or individuals will be notified of their participation status at least one (1) week after submitting the necessary documentation.

Your FAP membership must be approved at the time of registration in order to receive the waiver or reduction. Once approved, the membership is good for the fiscal year (July though June). Membership includes the opportunity for everyone in the household to participate in six (6) classes or activities per programming session. Families and individuals can apply for the program any time during the year. If changes occur in your financial standings or circumstances prior to the end of your membership period, please notify the Administrative Assistant or the Recreation, Parks, & Cultural Resources Director immediately.

When the membership expires, renewal is needed to continue using the benefits of the program. Annual membership renewal is held in June. Reminder letters and forms will be sent out prior to the membership expiration.


1. Fill out the Financial Assistance Program Application.

2. Attach all that apply to your income situation:

  • First preference - Last year’s completed Federal Income Tax Return and current pay stub(s), unemployment compensation, worker’s compensation, net income from self-owned business, child support, or alimony, SSI, foster care payments, Work First, Work Study, scholarships, grants, income from estate or trust, and other sources of income not listed.
  • Letter confirming eligibility of food stamps or other federal benefits
  • We will accept alternative documentation, please speak with the Administrative Assistant or Recreation, Parks, & Cultural Resources Director about other possibilities.

3. Submit your application and documentation to the Administrative Assistant or Recreation, Parks, & Cultural Resources Director, Carrboro Recreation, Parks, & Cultural Resources Department, 100 N Greensboro St., Carrboro, NC 27510.

PLEASE NOTE: All information about your family will remain confidential.