Race and Equity in Carrboro

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Town Council adopts the Establishment of the Racial Equity Commission 

BLM Mural Century Center


 Second Black Lives Matter Mural installed on the Century Center

2019 Gare cohort session 1


Town begins racial equity training for staff

Closeup BLM


First Black Lives Matter Mural unveiled on the side of Communityworx Building

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Town Council adopts the Supporting Reparations for Black Carrboro Resolution



Resolution Adopted Juneteenth as a Town Holiday

Carrboro Police


Council adopts Resolution on Next Steps in Advancing Racial Equity in Law Enforcement and Public Safety in Carrboro including establishment of a Public Safety Task Force 

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Council Discusses How COVID 19 Is Disproportionately Affecting Blacks, Latinos and Other Underserved and Marginalized Communities


4/2020 - Ongoing 

Race and Equity Officer and CORE Team members participate in additional webinars and group work; strengthening the racial equity framework in developing new practices in the midst of COVID-19

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Town’s Race and Equity Officer position created and appointed.

The Town of Carrboro is focused on addressing systemic racism and injustice. We are making efforts to center, elevate and honor the voices and experiences of Black people and other people of color. This webpage highlights some of our initiatives. 


The Government Alliance on Race and Equity (GARE) is a national network of governments working to achieve racial equity and advance opportunities for all. The Town of Carrboro joined GARE along with many municipalities across the country to help guide us through the process of dismantling structural racial inequity and creating equitable outcomes for all. The Town joined a North Carolina Regional Cohort of local Governments to learn how to address and change policy and institutional norms that are driving the production of inequities. All jurisdictions in Orange County are now members of GARE and are working collectively and individually on this journey.

CURRENT STATUS: In December 2020, the Town began working with County jurisdictions on a countywide Racial Equity Action Plan with a shared vision and jurisdictional strategic actions that will lead to change. Staff training sessions are being held through July of 2021. Voluntary 'can we talk' sessions are being offered to all staff who have completed the initial training. County GARE meetings with Team Leads continue on a monthly basis. Staff members continue to research, create, and implement new initiatives at the Town Council’s request.

This webpage is under development. Please also see the Black Lives Matter special issue of the Carrboro Courier (September 2020).